Locally Produced Clean, Renewable Energy for the Future of Our Children and Our Communities
What Kind Of Revenues Do Quabbin Solar Projects Provide?
A solar project will provide revenue in different ways to the local community, including permit fees and long term property tax payments.

What benefits does solar energy have for me if I don't have solar arrays on my land?
A solar array may generate value for a local residents in many ways, including:
  • Revenues to Towns: Permit fees and taxes
  • Revenues to Landowners: Providing a stable source of revenue to local landowners which in turn can create jobs and commerce
  • Jobs: The development, construction and maintenance of solar arrays has the potential to create full and part time jobs
  • Locally Lower Electric Prices: Blackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar are able to offer a town and its schools a significant savings on their electric bills from Net Metering, which can translate to many thousands of dollars for the community. This leaves more money in budgets for other things of value such as teachers and books
Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar
Doing Your Part
America's energy demand continues to increase, and solar energy provides a way to meet a portion of this increase without the drawbacks of other types of power generation. It is also renewable.

Coal plants produce significant amounts of pollutants, including carbon dioxide (greenhouse gas), SO2 (acid rain), NO2 (acid rain and smog), particulate matter (asthma and other air pollution related illnesses), carbon monoxide, and mercury (contamination of fish and water supplies).

Natural gas-fired plants, while cleaner than coal and oil, are often not cost competitive due to large and sudden fuel price increases.

Large-scale hydroelectric projects have significant human and natural environmental consequences because of the flooding of large areas of land.
The Next Step
Quabbin Solar and Blackcomb Solar want to learn about communities that are interested in exploring the value of their natural resource. E-mail us at contact@quabbinsolar.com or call us at 978-355-2343.