Locally Produced Clean, Renewable Energy for the Future of Our Children and Our Communities
olar Projects contribute to the local community in many ways:

  • Local landowners earn rent or royalty for use of their land
  • Creation of Temporary and Permanent Local Jobs
  • Reduces Town Energy Costs in some cases
  • Provide Taxes for the Town
  • Educational Programs with Local Schools
Optimizing Land Use
Sun resources, access to 3 phase power, zoning, and land terrain determine the viability of a solar project.

Care in Planning and Zoning
Depending on jurisdiction and existing zoning requirements, the company will approach local boards for variances or approvals for our solar arrays.

We also considers wildlife habitat, land use/encroachment and a variety of other compliance requirements.

Benefits To A Community's Landowners
Landowners are paid a monthly rent payment for the use of their land.

Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar
A variety of new jobs result from our solar power projects in your communities. Jobs in manufacturing, transportation, construction of projects, building of new roads are some of the job opportunities created by Solar PV projects. Once the projects are complete, jobs are created in the operation and maintenance of the projects.
A Community-Friendly Approach
Blackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar work closely with local communities to meet their specific needs. We maintain open communication, analyze the local impact of efforts, and remain available to help residents understand the benefits of solar power.