Locally Produced Clean, Renewable Energy for the Future of Our Children and Our Communities
lackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar are Central Massachusetts-based developers of commercial scale photovoltaic solar power plots. Using local banks for financing, local contractors for construction and Massachusetts Net-Marketing laws, Quabbin Solar is developing 8.3MWs of solar arrays. 5.4 MWs are currently operational and 2.5 MWs will come on line in 2012.

lackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar focuses primarily on two project types:

Roof Mounted Solutions - Typically, between 500kW and 2 megawatts, roof mounted solar projects help maximize the revenue potential of any building by both reducing operating costs and providing the opportunity to market as a "Green" building. At Blackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar, we understand the needs and concerns of commercial building owners. Our experienced team of engineers and facilities operations porfessionals carefully evaluates rooftop projects and assesses any related outcomes of a solar installation. Our focus is on long-term stability and the financial rewards of a successful project.

Ground Mounted Solutions - Blackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar work with landowners to determine if their site meets the geographical requirements of a cost effective solar project. The Blackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar team will work with landowners to understand the pros and cons of mounting a solar project on the property. We work quickly to provide a detailed proposal that outlines the economic benefits of such an undertaking. Quabbin Solar has experience with vacant land, abandoned commercial sites, and brownfield sites.
Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar

Working Together
Blackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar owners Dean Iandoli, Rick Olstein, and Michael Staiti have developed a successful business model to benefit towns, landowners, and our investors.