Locally Produced Clean, Renewable Energy for the Future of Our Children and Our Communities
Overview of Net Metering

n 2008, Governor Deval Patrick signed into law the Green Communities Act (GCA) which put Massachusetts on the fore-front of our countryís pursuit of energy independence and renewable energy generation. The Act is driven by the State of Massachusetts' goals to both conserve energy and create large generation of in-state renewable energy from wind and solar.

A key component of the GCA is "net-metering". Net metering allows a generator of renewable energy to receive "credits" for the energy they export into the local distribution system. The credit is called a "Net-Metering Credit." The GCA allows these credits to be "assigned" to a third party, referred to as an "off-taker".

Net metering credits have a face value and can be used against an off takerís utility bill.

Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar
The Green Communities Act of 2008
The Green Communities Act, passed into legislation in 2008, creates opportunity for renewable energy generators to receive "credits", called "net-metering credits", for all electricity generated. The GCA allows for the generator of the net-metering credits to assign credits to a third party.