Locally Produced Clean, Renewable Energy for the Future of Our Children and Our Communities
lackcomb Solar and Quabbin Solar have successfully developed several solar sites throughout Massachusetts, totalling 5.4 MWs (D/C) since inception in November 2010. The company has an additional 2.4 MWs in development which should be operational by August 2012. This volume places the company as one of the largest private developers of solar arrays in the Commonwealth.

Project List:
Address Date Placed in Service System Size Expected annual output Description
Quabbin Wind, LLC
Vernon Ave, Barre
3/2/2012 990,000 1,250,000 Ground mount
Quabbin Solar, LLC
Vernon Ave, Barre
3/2/2012 985,000 1,250,000 Ground mount
Barre Wool Solar, LLC
South Barre Road, Barre
Expected completion in Aug 2012 1,800,000 2,250,000 Ground mount
Blackcomb Solar, LLC
355 Main Street, Whitinsville
2/1/2012 980,000 1,100,000 Roof mounted
Blackcomb Solar II, LLC
355 Main-Middle
2/28/2012 900,000 1,040,000 Roof mounted
Shop Solar, LLC
1 Main Street, Whitinsville
7/26/2011 760,000 840,000 Roof mounted
KB Solar
1/8/2012 332,000 360,000 Roof mounted
Three Rivers Solar, LLC
In construction 550,000 620,000 Roof mounted
Blackcomb Solar, LLC
705 Plantation Street, Worcester
5/17/2011 160,200 180,000 Roof mounted
Total   7,457,200 8,890,000  

Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar   Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar
Working Together
At Quabbin Solar and Blackcomb Solar we work closely and directly with landowners and their communities, seeking to capture their natural, and renewable resource - the sun - to produce jobs, clean, renewable electricity, educational and economic benefits.