Locally Produced Clean, Renewable Energy for the Future of Our Children and Our Communities
ean Iandoli, Rick Olstein, and Michael Staiti have over forty combined years experience in developing real estate, primarily in Massachusetts. Our personal interest in renewable energy and concerns for our children's and our country's future, has led us to community based photovoltaic solar array developments.

ean Iandoli is a graduate of Boston College. He owned, developed and operated Coldbrook R.V. Resort and Campground a 140 acre-400 site Recreational Vehicle facility located in central Massachusetts, which is the largest seasonal R.V. resort facility in New England. He has been active as the State of Massachusetts Green Communities Act has become law and has specialized in Net Metering aspects of the Act.

ichael Staiti has an MBA from the University of Michigan and received his CPA while working at Price Waterhouse. Michael is part owner of WRT Management, a commercial real estate development/ management company. WRT owns and manages over four million square feet of commercial real estate throughout New England.

ick Olstein is a graduate of Lehigh University and has worked in commercial construction and real estate development for twenty years. Rick is also an owner of WRT Management.

In addition, Rick and Michael are owners of Keystone Development, a residential development and construction company. They have permitted and/or built over 500 residential homes and townhomes since 1997. Keystone has successfully completed over $50 million in residential and commercial construction since inception.
Clean energy through solar power with Quabbin Solar

Working Together
At Blackstone Solar and Quabbin Solar we work closely and directly with landowners and their communities, seeking to capture their natural, and renewable resource-SUN, to produce jobs, clean, renewable electricity, educational and economic benefits.